Computer Woes

Rest in peace, my beloved gateway 7330gz laptop. Today it died, I mean I can't even turn it on. The only sign of life is the blue plugged in icon. It already was suffering from a few sickness: Short breath, aka sucky battery life, as in it will die in less than 15 minutes unplugged. Also suffered from a black eye, aka screen was damaged, flickers, very freckled. Even with it's sickness, I still love it and count on it for some things but now it's completely dead. Actually, it probably committed suicide because it grew too old of my polygamist practices. That's right, I got another computer, my desktop. I actually use that a lot more. But just like the laptop, it have it's problems, like Ruckus won't install on it for some reason and can't handle video (mpg, avi, wma, mov...). Just flash, lucky for me, it seems everything is in flash nowadays so that's good. But anyway, downloading album quality songs from Ruckus legally and playing videos not in flash is what the laptop will let me do. Now I'm not sure what to do. I already tried everything I knew to fix these problems but no go.

I am broke and definitely can't even imagine how I'll pay the upcoming expenses for school. I need clothes, books, and even though my tuition, room, and board will be aided by loans and some fafsa, I will still have thousands left to pay. I don't like loans because I'm not even sure I can finish school let alone get that career job to start paying them back yet. But I think that's my option, I will have to get my sist to co-sign and whatnot and then I can get things taken care of. It's absolutely a must that I get nothing lower than a 3.0 this fall. Damn, I hate even thinking about my past work. The only way to get over that will be to do great this semester, heck, I'll be kicked out if I don't. So yeh, hope to get a new laptop, or desktop, or both soon.

Got a small list of things to do but I keep procrastinating. I'm even procrastinating what I am procrastinating those things with. I'm vectoring instead of those things yet I procrastinate vectoring as well. Argh, hope I become more productive and optimistic soon. Just rediscovered drums and bass again, and with the help of my stacks of mountain dew, they should help get me going.

Long Overdue Vector Art Gift

Here is a long overdue graduation and birthday gift for my sist, miss MBA, that's what's up! I'm kinda cheating by combining two events in one since they were close hehe.