Been busy this spring semester. Work, Classes, Work, Classes, Work, short ass weekend, repeat the process. Not to mention my lost of interest in studying. I seriously have a hard time reading assigned materials, it's just pointless. But I have no choice, I got to stay in school, graduate, and pay off these stressful loans I keep taking.

Went to the gym and ran 2.22 miles in 18 minutes! The exclamation point is for that being my best time as of late. I think I averaged 22-24 minutes in the past. Felt good and lightheaded afterwards. Also got on the bike just to past time afterwards. All this before a spending a little bit of time in the weight room. It was either gym or accounting. Accounting sucks, I have no one to help me and it's my worst subject. I might want to drop it and take it at a community college over the summer. Even though I had plenty of time to attack some accounting homework, I passed that up instead to watch Shanghai Kiss, a surprisingly pretty good movie via Netflix Instantly Play feature. Also ordered a small hunan beef with some teriyakis. A pretty good day today.

Also caved and resubscribed to deviantArt for another year. I was upset with the way the company handle itself (still am) but for whatever reason, I am now resubscribed.