Couple of great movie quotes

I remembered the scene in A Beautiful Mind in which Nash and Alicia were chillen under a tree. I thought it was very funny and wish more people can be as direct lol. It goes something like:

Nash: I find that polishing my interactions in order to make them sociable requires a tremendous effort. I have a tendency to expedite information flow by being direct. Often I don't get a good result.
Alicia: Try me.
Nash: I find you very attractive. Your aggressive moves toward me indicate you feel the same. Still ritual requires that we continue a number of platonic activities before we can have intercourse. But all I really want to do is have sex with you as soon as possible. Are you going to slap me now?
Alicia: (kisses Nash in the mouth): How was that result?

And then, recently I finished watching Into the Wild. Some nice quotes from that movie I thought were:

"When you forgive, you love."

- The old man Ron Franz

"Happiness only real when shared."

- Chris wrote in a book as he was about to die.

Now I don't how important it is to forgive and love someone, but I think it's definitely true. The one Chris wrote about happiness being real only when shared is true too. The whole movie was given you the idea that you can be happy in solitude. The lesson is that no, happiness is only real when shared. I thought that was brilliant. I kind of wished (and still think) one can be happy in solitude. Just maybe not for long.