Digg user dumps guy on Diggnation

You thought the guy that got dumped via facebook status a while back got it bad, wait till you hear this. Digg user Sarah (sarahb459) is a diggnation fan, a Kevin Rose stalker, and a med student sent diggnation (eps 130 around the 47th or so minute) a fan mail titled "Boobies for publicity" in which she shows off her tatas. She then ask Kevin and Alex to assist her in breaking up with the guy. It's quiet hilarious. Poor guy haha.

Longest Description For A Digg Submission Ever

2252 to be exact! And I thought I covered most of the bugs related to digg's submission in my previous post. Last time I check, we all have 350 characters to work with for descriptions. I have no idea how this one got through... something definitely went wrong here.

Digg Dupe Checker Still Failing

Ok, so myself and another digger - diggleague, submitted VH1's Best Week Ever list of 'The Top 13 Reasons To Miss The Office' 2 minutes apart. I always be wondering what if two people submit the same exact story (same url) at the same time. No legit dupe showed up on the final submit process either. Right now his digg story got 17 diggs and mine has 15 diggs. Interestingly enough, looking at the who dugg it tab shows mostly different people digging each. We also happened to choose the same picture out of the many that were crawled hehe. I don't know how or why but the dupe machine show my submission when you go to submit that url.

The submission process is just so buggy. Take a look at what happened to some guy here:

And another incident here. In fact, this problem been around for a long time, let's go way back to this incident here. Even a few days ago with the gotta digg song. Ok so maybe that one was a little different because the first one had the video embedded in her blog, and the second one is the direct link to the youtube video and it was very popular among so many.

There's been times when some page in the submission process keeps loading indefinitely and you are left unsure if it's successful or not. When things do go smoothly, we all know about the wait for your submission to show up on user profiles. It's never instantaneous. So when will digg take action? Who knows, and don't bother sending emails to a company with about 40 employees either because this is what happens:

My School's Website Is Hacked

Either umbc.edu was hacked or the squirrels got tired or somebody turned off some servers there. But as of 4:00am EST 12/28/07, this is what it the homepage looks like:

myUMBC (email and other services...) and blackboard seem to be alright though. Oh and used both Firefox and IE so this is definitely not because of my settings or anything like that. Lucky for them, most of us are off on winter break right now, hmmm maybe the IT department there are too.

[update] Fixed @ around 6:15am EST.

Digg This: Deal or No Deal?

Digg CEO Jay Adelson talks to Business Week and discusses rumors that the thriving content-sharing site is up for sale and its plans for 2008.

Some interesting tidbits from this:
- Digg now has 25 million monthly visitors, according to Digg's internal records.
- Story Suggest (I really doubt the AI or algorithm behind this will suggest the right articles for me)
- Profile page personalization
- Alerts (already kind of doing this now using RSS)
- Digg will also recognize users who contribute often to the site, potentially by adding a rating system

Here's mashable's take

read more | digg story

Layla Kayleigh - The Only Reason To Consider Watching G4

Sure, it's hard to find ANY reasons to still watch G4. Some still watch it for X-Play, others like me for tha ladies. More specifically Layla Kayleigh...

More: laylakayleigh.com

Oh Digg

Just got a story to digg's front page (7pm est). It's from valleywag about the five biggest technology disappointments of the past year. Pounce got a Special Achievement Award down at the bottom so I think that's pretty much why this story got yanked from the front page by some person at digg. This isn't the first time either.

I once found this interesting pic of Kevin staring at some hottie's boobies on flickr and submitted it to digg. I knew it had the chance of generating some interest just because it's digg and Kevin Rose, you know, but also knew of the possibilities of getting modded down. So I kept my eyes on the upcoming pages as it slowly gains diggs, as soon as it was reaching the front page (1:40am 12/11/07), it disappeared. I know that happens to a lot of stories but they usually die down. Also doesn't show up on search results anymore. Nice quality control digg's PR.

Contradicting Digg

When I went to check the 33 stories my digg friends submitted, I was told "Your friends haven't done anything!" instead.

10 Classic Beer Commercials

1. Bud Light - Busted

2. Bud Light - Pinata

3. Bud Light - The Pole

4. Bud Light - Venus

5. Bud Light - Summer Day

6. Bud Light - Languages

7. Michelob - Poison Ivy

8. Michelob - Eagle One

9. Michelob - Life

10. Michelob - Glass Blower

Digg Incorrect Category Bug

Ok, so if you go to- http://www.digg.com/videos/comedy/upcoming
But it always sends you to- http://www.digg.com/programming/upcoming
Also, going to page 1 from any other page sends you to the same page you on instead. Why??? And is there more redirecting links on the site?

I sent a bug report but like all their other emails such as feedback@digg.com or abuse@digg.com, you never get a response. Maybe it'll be fixed.

Digg Algorithm Observation

Notice how every popular story is made popular every tenth of an hour. Sometimes two stories are made popular at the same time, sometimes no stories are promoted. Another thing is that a news item is gone from the top upcoming list after 24h. Just somethings I noticed and found a bit interesting.

Floyd Mayweather vs Ricky Hatton Tonight!

Been watching 24/7 on HBO and really wish I can watch this fight. Going have to find a way. As cocky and flashy as Mayweather is, I think he going win it.

Their Weigh-In Footage (Mayweather 147 lbs, Hatton 145 lbs).