Christina Milian!

Maan, Christina is just so damn cute. Don't believe me, take a look for yourself (source) :

deviantArt New Feature: SitBack

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A Look Behind Facebook's New Design

The Facebook - Micheal Phelps Relationship

The Baltimore native swimmer Micheal Phelps along with NBC, has been giving a lot of mentions lately after his historic 8 gold winnings. I think one of the first questions Bob Costas asked Phelps was something after mentioning how he has surpassed Obama, among other huge brands/names on facebook. Then in another interview Micheal Phelps brought up how he's receiving friend request from former schoolmates that disrespected him then and what not. So now I guess facebook is returning the favor by making an announcement box on top of everybody's newsfeed congratulating Phelps (and a ll the U.S athletes).

Couple of great movie quotes

I remembered the scene in A Beautiful Mind in which Nash and Alicia were chillen under a tree. I thought it was very funny and wish more people can be as direct lol. It goes something like:

Nash: I find that polishing my interactions in order to make them sociable requires a tremendous effort. I have a tendency to expedite information flow by being direct. Often I don't get a good result.
Alicia: Try me.
Nash: I find you very attractive. Your aggressive moves toward me indicate you feel the same. Still ritual requires that we continue a number of platonic activities before we can have intercourse. But all I really want to do is have sex with you as soon as possible. Are you going to slap me now?
Alicia: (kisses Nash in the mouth): How was that result?

And then, recently I finished watching Into the Wild. Some nice quotes from that movie I thought were:

"When you forgive, you love."

- The old man Ron Franz

"Happiness only real when shared."

- Chris wrote in a book as he was about to die.

Now I don't how important it is to forgive and love someone, but I think it's definitely true. The one Chris wrote about happiness being real only when shared is true too. The whole movie was given you the idea that you can be happy in solitude. The lesson is that no, happiness is only real when shared. I thought that was brilliant. I kind of wished (and still think) one can be happy in solitude. Just maybe not for long.

Plurk: An anti-micro blogger’s perspective

Here's a nice and balanced review of the new micro-blogging service Plurk I came across by google's blog search of plurk. Just felt like xposting my comment on the review here as well: I love plurk even though I dislike twitter or just never got the big deal with twitter. I find it confusing.I also don't care about the Karma system. I try to plurk for myself really, I am still not sure who to invite. In part because I don't have many so called "friends" and I'm not sure how I'll feel about people I see and know personally stalking me. So when I plurk, it has to be slightly interesting for me at least.I feel it is also time wasting but doesn't that depend on how bored/boring you are. I know I had activities like reading blogs, digg, youtube, etc all on the back burner back when I had classes granted I procrastinate with all those things but on my own will. I do wish the plurks of people could be more interesting for those time wasting sessions where I browse the site. I really wished there's a search feature with RSS capabilities. Something like tweetscan. Also wish a person doesn't have to be friends with someone to send a private plurk to or at least leave that up to the user. Like you said the positives do outweigh those negatives. Especially extending relationships. Now I can see real benefits of adding your friends, heck, the thing is almost useless without them. I do wish plurk will communicate with it's users better. There's a comment-disabled blog and a contact form that you never get feedback from. Come to think of it, that's how facebook operates even though facebook's learning and now involving the users from the beginning (ie the upcoming profile changes have a facebook page with weekly updates). The creator of Plurk, Amix, did create which uses which I just love, so maybe we'll see a some day.

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Summer 2008 Movies To See

Mongol | June 6, 2008 (Status: Nevermind, I'll wait till it comes to netflix)

You Don't Mess with the Zohan | June 6, 2008 (Status: watched, it was eh)

Get Smart | June 20, 2008 (Status: not sure anymore... netflix maybe)

Love Guru | June 20, 2008 (Status: nevermind, hear a lot of bad things about this one)

Hancock | July 2, 2008

Dark Knight | July 18, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous | August 22, 2008

College | August 29, 2008

I don't know if I'll be able to watch them all but I will sure love to.

Last Saturday of the Spring 2008 Semester

Today turned out to be fun actually. I had brunch with my good friend Territa who's getting ready to graduate. We talked about things, life, etc.

Then I went out to Patapsco Valley Park with my old Grad School boss Nick Yeates. and I've experienced the true outdoors: running through the woods across a muddy terrain, jumping across water streams/falls. It was a new and fun experience. I was barely able to keep up though I did, haven't exercised in a month or so.

We stopped by his and my old professor - Roy Rada's house which was somewhat interesting in that he gave me a C and thus I now have to retake that damn annoying IS300 class. But I balled up my feelings and enjoyed a beautiful view of Baltimore on his rather large properties. They had a huge back yard, an abandoned bathhouse/shack, it was wild. Now I'm back chillen, trying to study for an Accounting Final that does not matter.

Since I let him borrow 'The Waking Life' I played a few matches of Halo 3. The Waking Life is a good movie, I like a lot of the philosophical questions of life that it contains. There's a very cool chillout mix by Digital Witchcraft called Proton Radio Mix (2003-07-30) that uses a couple of the samples in there. Both the movie and that mix are absolute favs of mine. Hope he likes it.

Loved this quote from the movie:

You haven't me yourself yet, but the advantage of meeting others in the meantime, is that one of them may present you to yourself. Examine the nature of everything you observe.

and also this about the nature of the universe + time from the last scene I believe:

There's only one instance - it's right now, it's eternity. An instance in which god is posing a question... do you want to be one with eternity? Do you want to go to heaven? We're all saying nnnno thank you, not just yet... so time is this constant saying no to god's invitation. That's what time is. Narrative of everyone's life. Moving from the no to the yes... Visit to the life of the dead in a dream.


Been busy this spring semester. Work, Classes, Work, Classes, Work, short ass weekend, repeat the process. Not to mention my lost of interest in studying. I seriously have a hard time reading assigned materials, it's just pointless. But I have no choice, I got to stay in school, graduate, and pay off these stressful loans I keep taking.

Went to the gym and ran 2.22 miles in 18 minutes! The exclamation point is for that being my best time as of late. I think I averaged 22-24 minutes in the past. Felt good and lightheaded afterwards. Also got on the bike just to past time afterwards. All this before a spending a little bit of time in the weight room. It was either gym or accounting. Accounting sucks, I have no one to help me and it's my worst subject. I might want to drop it and take it at a community college over the summer. Even though I had plenty of time to attack some accounting homework, I passed that up instead to watch Shanghai Kiss, a surprisingly pretty good movie via Netflix Instantly Play feature. Also ordered a small hunan beef with some teriyakis. A pretty good day today.

Also caved and resubscribed to deviantArt for another year. I was upset with the way the company handle itself (still am) but for whatever reason, I am now resubscribed.

March Madness 2008

Been on my week-long spring break since Friday. My school had a televised game the next day and they rocked their opponent and went on to win their first America East tourney and got their first bid to the NCAA tourney. And so the madness began. In previous seasons, I've been a casual fan, enjoying the tourney and what not. This year, I took it to a whole nother level. I am seriously addicted to college basketball right now. I tivoed the whole game, uploaded a few clips, and constantly on the look out of any mention of UMBC everywhere. My brother seemed a bit annoyed but hey, I like this feeling. It's going to pass soon so I might as well live in the moment and enjoy it. If I had any friends, I will be willing to take a road trip down to Raleigh NC to watch my Retrievers live. They are taking on a household name: The #2 seeded Georgetown Hoyas. Seeded at #15, we are definitely a humongous under dog. When the so called experts make their predictions, they don't even look at us. Even G'town is barely mentioned. It's all good though, I have a good feeling. I think I mentally prepared myself for them to loose, although after watching them dominate like they did, and watching a few G'town games including their loss to Pitt in the big east title game, I think we have a chance. Well, enough talking, I thought I post my bracket before the first game gets underway.