Online Shopping

Just ordered a bunch of stuff just now.

Newegg: Sony sports ear phones ($12) and finally for my desketop a RAIDMAX RX-380K ATX12V 380W Power Supply ($15), hope it will works. Shipping was $8, not that bad.

Amazon: A Mizuno Breath Thermo Headband ($20) and a GATOR FACE PROTECTOR($10) with 13 freaking shipping dollars.

Threadless: A Choice You Need To Make by Jalid Daccarett from threadless. My second threadless shirt, hope the 2X size is actually big. Not a big fan of small tees. It was $17.88 (with shipping and my $3 street points thing). All these made my account a hundred dollors lighter ($97.19 to be exact , oh well). Now I wait, still waiting on my text books too. Also uploaded a video on youtube haha. It was one of the few good games we had this season.

The work file for this is gone due to my whole hard drive crashing after an attempt to install Ubuntu. It really sucks. I always have backing up in the back of my head but I always feel like it's fine, you'll do it soon. This is the second time I've lost my working files (I think).

To make matters worst, another semester of college is on the way. Don't get me wrong, I love it, the fun parts; meeting different interesting cats, going to the gym, and having that on your own feeling. But it cost, costs a lot. Every semester I have to come up with the guts to ask my father for grande of money. I feel bad, he has too many kids, too many bills, and not in the best health. It's as if I am responsible and perhaps I am in someways. I ask myself, why didn't I get a scholarship? Why can't I get a good enough job that will pay for this (for whatever reason, I though working 40 hrs/week at KFC my senior will do... what an idiot). Now I think he's drained and it's time to for me to start taking out more loans. Sigh, outlook on life is a little blurry right now but hope I will make it.