Online Shopping

Just ordered a bunch of stuff just now.

Newegg: Sony sports ear phones ($12) and finally for my desketop a RAIDMAX RX-380K ATX12V 380W Power Supply ($15), hope it will works. Shipping was $8, not that bad.

Amazon: A Mizuno Breath Thermo Headband ($20) and a GATOR FACE PROTECTOR($10) with 13 freaking shipping dollars.

Threadless: A Choice You Need To Make by Jalid Daccarett from threadless. My second threadless shirt, hope the 2X size is actually big. Not a big fan of small tees. It was $17.88 (with shipping and my $3 street points thing). All these made my account a hundred dollors lighter ($97.19 to be exact , oh well). Now I wait, still waiting on my text books too. Also uploaded a video on youtube haha. It was one of the few good games we had this season.