Spring Break 2007

Maaan, I brought all the books I can possibly bring home to study over spring break... have not touched a single one. On the bright side I guess I have been chilling and getting a lot of rest. Naa, it was a waste of a break. Watched NCAA tourney (my bracket is destroyed) and sent off lil bro, my sis, and mom off to Naija, and that's pretty much it.

When I return, I'm just going to have to make sure I don't fail any of my classes. It's really ridiculous, in my CMSC 202 class, I need a B to move on else I have to repeat it. In my CMSC 203 class, the teacher is from another planet and really don't know how to teach... my grade there is up in the air, in Chem 101; I started off easy, understanding thangs, then things were pushed to the third gear and now I am left behind, but I think it's the most manageable of all my classes, then in Calc 2, wow, what an arduous course, I really hope I get no less than a C here. Well, aside from spending all my time in the library (so I say), I'm hungry for some basketball and so I'll be in the gym a lot too.