Attempted Robbery

Some ignant high school-looking kids tried to rough my video iPod today on the metro. Actually it's my sister's. God though had my back even though I am a bit slow on my daily prayers and what not. I am thankful. Yeh, I felt it coming, I was in the up front cars, like the second one I think, near the door unfortunately, then they came in bunches. Common sense told me they poor, ghetto, and ignant. I didn't let them stop me from going about my biz watching music videos and all. When the train got to their stop, they all departed except for one, he waited right before the door closed, then made his move. I don't know if I know for certain what was coming but I had a feeling and so tightened my grip. In less than 3 secs he tried, failed, and ran like the bitch (excuse my language) he is.

Life lessons are always nice, I can't be couped up on this computer all day. So I have learned to pretty much reduce my iPod's visibility. From now on, I'm only watching videos in certain situations where I am confident no one will see it and in turn get jealous and start hatin. Which is the only part I might understand about this and place partial blame on myself as that is logical but still inexcusable and not right; poor person sees something cool in front of him... the person starts hating... and so on. Besides, I don't think I'm the stuntin type. Now what will I do if I recognize them again? Probably nothing, I'm not trying to get arrested or banned from metro over small things. I only ride the metro 3 times a week for my unpaid summer internship in DC.

Speaking of unpaid internships, I really hope it's worth it. I spend almost $10 a day on fares, parking, and gas everyday. I'm going to have to ask them for some kind of reimbursement of some sort or something you know. It will look good on my resume but so what really. Seems like I'm going to have to stop putting my GPA up there as I am struggling and going deeper than ever as I continue in my higher education. Life sucks although I am making moves to make it not suck.