August 26, 2007

No longer a something+teen. Adulthood is nearing, where I will have to have a career, probably 9-5, and pay all kinds of monthly bills... ugh. So I watched Rush Hour 3, but it was short and funny, story was pretty nonexistent. Then continued watching my favorite series, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, mixing up the episodes as I go. I will probably need to take a few months off from them in order to watch and be able to enjoy them all over again, but it's cool. I move back to the dorms tomorrow and college football and NFL starts soon and The Office in a month.


What up! Just wanted to share this neat flash application/website I found called viewbook. Their font in their logo almost look like facebooks haha. You will think deviantArt will have something as intuitive as this thing long ago but this place is just soooo stagnant even though it's ranked in the top 100 sites on alexa, I think it's mostly because of the talented artists on here though. Anyway, go sign up for your own viewbook, I doubt this will stay free for long.
My Viewbook

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