Average Number of Facebook Friends

I was watching this video in which Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks about online personas at The Commonwealth Club. Among other topics relating to social networks, he mentioned the average number of facebook friends. It's always cool to know some of these stats. So far facebook offers network stats and you can use some apps like Zeitgeist or platypus for personal stats, or gather Facebook user data via their advertiser tool that facilitates audience targeting.

Mark Zuckerberg: I think it's interesting that this hundred thirty or hundred fifty number keeps on coming up because the average number of friends someone has on Facebook is right in that range. It's like around 125 or 130 or so. And I think that that reflects that the relationships that people have on Facebook are real. You know, it's not really an application that's used for meeting people much at all, it's mostly just for keeping up with the people you know. And getting a handle of what's going on in their lives, communicating with them.