deviantWATCH Thumbnails Workaround

I've been a long time deviantArt user. About 5 years actually. Subscribed a bunch of times. But I just been feeling cheated by dA lately so I decided not to resubscribe. One feature that really shouldn't be monetized in the first place is the deviantWATCH Thumbnails. It allows you to see deviation thumbnails of artist you are watching as oppose to just a linked title. Anyway, I thought maybe I can use the ":thumb + deviation #" feature available to all users to my advantage. I'm no programmer by any stretch but I wrote some java code, parse the source HTML (copy and paste it to a html.txt file in the same directory of your file) of my deviantWatch to extract the thumbs... and finally paste them at the news posting page. Unfortunately, the Greasemonkey (Firefox extention) script called deviant Enlarge does not work with them but it's still better and faster way of going through your deviantWatch.