Oh Digg

Just got a story to digg's front page (7pm est). It's from valleywag about the five biggest technology disappointments of the past year. Pounce got a Special Achievement Award down at the bottom so I think that's pretty much why this story got yanked from the front page by some person at digg. This isn't the first time either.

I once found this interesting pic of Kevin staring at some hottie's boobies on flickr and submitted it to digg. I knew it had the chance of generating some interest just because it's digg and Kevin Rose, you know, but also knew of the possibilities of getting modded down. So I kept my eyes on the upcoming pages as it slowly gains diggs, as soon as it was reaching the front page (1:40am 12/11/07), it disappeared. I know that happens to a lot of stories but they usually die down. Also doesn't show up on search results anymore. Nice quality control digg's PR.