Two Seasons of Dexter is 20 Straight Hours of Great Entertainment

That's right, I've been watching Showtime's masterpiece Dexter for almost 20 hours straight, although I had to put in meager amount of sleep in the process. I saw Dexter's DVD covers all over the internet for a while, nothing attractive, just a smiling guy, heck I though it was something from the 80's. I payed it no mind, the title reminded me of Dexter's Lab, ah, those were the good old days of my teenage years. I even read the description on netflix and still passed. It wasn't until I was I guess bored and finished with the Home Movies rentals I had at the time, that I decided why not? Episode one, got me hooked. Things were somewhat predictable and characters were introduced and what not, but I couldn't stop watching. Perfect timing for netflix to lift the hours of their watch instantly feature.

The first season was fun. I enjoyed the mind games his brother was playing on him. Dexter still had his anonymity but the writers were emphasizing that theme with every episode. That theme was mostly in the bg though, they were focused on the Ice Truck killer. His brother was a complete weirdo, still like his meticulousness, but still, the theory behind it, his past, just not as interesting and full as Dexters as it should be since Dexter is the main character.

Season 2 picked off right where the first season left. Main theme was surrounding the Bay Harbor Butcher and the thrill level really picked up because Dexter was somewhat loosing it with all the problems thrown at him. That's why the season finale was one of the best closures to a season I have seen. It concluded almost everything I can think of. The only valid speculation I can make is that Lt. Maria LaGuerta will now take place of her lost coworker and friend, Sgt. James Doakes, as being too suspicious. Not sure if I'll like that, it felt uncomfortable to see Dexter's coworkers being too suspicious like that. So, a lost brother that is also a serial killer and a speculation of the Bay Harbor Butcher. What will they think of next?

Dexter is definitely added to my array of great shows like House and Heroes. Good to know the third season will be produced although anything can happen with this stupid writer's strike. There was no way those that know of Jhonen Vasquez's JTHM Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and Death Note couldn't have picked off any similarities. Here's an interesting summary of similarities with Death Note and Dexter. Not that it matters, they are all too different as well. Dexter had some deep physiological life lessons (if you can call them that) like visualizing who you want to be, acceptance, etc. All in all, it's been good fun and hoping to add Dexter along with House next fall.