Digg's Founder Kevin Rose No Longer Has 100% Popular Ratio!

Even with his 33,000+ digg fans and 10,000+ pounce fans, digg.com founder Kevin Rose no longer has that 100% popular ratio. The story that killed it was What Would Buffett Buy? submitted 2 days ago on 02/05/2008. Now of course this can still make the front page as of this writing for many reasons: (a) Kevin click the alleged "make homepage" button or (b) through the algorithm somehow. But we all know how rare it is to have a story submitted 2 days old make the homepage.

Facebook Search Now Has A Button

A very minor change I know. You previously had to press enter when searching, and so I think this is a nice small update by the designers. In other facebook news, Mark is becoming quiet the Hollywood celeb. TMZ is now all over him (via Valleywag). Also, be on the look out for a "friend suggest" feature on facebook perhaps similar to something like last.fm's neighbors (via allfacebook). But seeing how this hasn't even made it to their dawdling "In The Works" section of the what's new page, doubt it'll be anytime soon.

Super Bowl XLII Ads 2008

Pepsi: Justin Timberlake (01:03)

Victoria's Secret: In the Mood for Love (00:33)

PepsiMax: Baby Don't Hurt Me (01:03)

There's a lot more of course, but you have to be registered at hulu.com. But because hulu is not available outside the U.S. or if you don't feel like registering, you can watch them at myspace.com/superbowlads. AOL has them as well.