Last Saturday of the Spring 2008 Semester

Today turned out to be fun actually. I had brunch with my good friend Territa who's getting ready to graduate. We talked about things, life, etc.

Then I went out to Patapsco Valley Park with my old Grad School boss Nick Yeates. and I've experienced the true outdoors: running through the woods across a muddy terrain, jumping across water streams/falls. It was a new and fun experience. I was barely able to keep up though I did, haven't exercised in a month or so.

We stopped by his and my old professor - Roy Rada's house which was somewhat interesting in that he gave me a C and thus I now have to retake that damn annoying IS300 class. But I balled up my feelings and enjoyed a beautiful view of Baltimore on his rather large properties. They had a huge back yard, an abandoned bathhouse/shack, it was wild. Now I'm back chillen, trying to study for an Accounting Final that does not matter.

Since I let him borrow 'The Waking Life' I played a few matches of Halo 3. The Waking Life is a good movie, I like a lot of the philosophical questions of life that it contains. There's a very cool chillout mix by Digital Witchcraft called Proton Radio Mix (2003-07-30) that uses a couple of the samples in there. Both the movie and that mix are absolute favs of mine. Hope he likes it.

Loved this quote from the movie:

You haven't me yourself yet, but the advantage of meeting others in the meantime, is that one of them may present you to yourself. Examine the nature of everything you observe.

and also this about the nature of the universe + time from the last scene I believe:

There's only one instance - it's right now, it's eternity. An instance in which god is posing a question... do you want to be one with eternity? Do you want to go to heaven? We're all saying nnnno thank you, not just yet... so time is this constant saying no to god's invitation. That's what time is. Narrative of everyone's life. Moving from the no to the yes... Visit to the life of the dead in a dream.