Plurk: An anti-micro blogger’s perspective

Here's a nice and balanced review of the new micro-blogging service Plurk I came across by google's blog search of plurk. Just felt like xposting my comment on the review here as well: I love plurk even though I dislike twitter or just never got the big deal with twitter. I find it confusing.I also don't care about the Karma system. I try to plurk for myself really, I am still not sure who to invite. In part because I don't have many so called "friends" and I'm not sure how I'll feel about people I see and know personally stalking me. So when I plurk, it has to be slightly interesting for me at least.I feel it is also time wasting but doesn't that depend on how bored/boring you are. I know I had activities like reading blogs, digg, youtube, etc all on the back burner back when I had classes granted I procrastinate with all those things but on my own will. I do wish the plurks of people could be more interesting for those time wasting sessions where I browse the site. I really wished there's a search feature with RSS capabilities. Something like tweetscan. Also wish a person doesn't have to be friends with someone to send a private plurk to or at least leave that up to the user. Like you said the positives do outweigh those negatives. Especially extending relationships. Now I can see real benefits of adding your friends, heck, the thing is almost useless without them. I do wish plurk will communicate with it's users better. There's a comment-disabled blog and a contact form that you never get feedback from. Come to think of it, that's how facebook operates even though facebook's learning and now involving the users from the beginning (ie the upcoming profile changes have a facebook page with weekly updates). The creator of Plurk, Amix, did create which uses which I just love, so maybe we'll see a some day.

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